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The partner of choice

SAEI strives to be a partner of choice, and a catalyst for the success of aviation both regionally and globally. 


Meticulous Safety and Quality Across the Spectrum

At SAEI, our mission is meticulous safety and quality across the spectrum of maintenance, repair and overall, and the achievement of excellence. 

Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries (SAEI)

Your partner for MRO in the Middle East

Over the past six decades, SAEI has established itself as one of the largest and most experienced in the MENA region. As part of the SAUDIA Group, we have been a cornerstone for the growth and development of the aviation industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  


Now, SAEI is expanding to our state-of-the-art MRO Village at the King Abdul-Aziz Airport, Saudi Arabia. The one million square meter facility incorporates 11 hangars, as well as 26 engine and component shops, a 43,000 square meter supply chain and warehouse, as well as the largest test-cell for engine testing in the region.

Building for the Future: SAEI MRO Village

Times Aerospace TATV is one of the aviation sector’s most trusted sources of industry news. So SAEI was thrilled to take Alan Peabody, MBE, behind the scenes of our MRO Village construction and share with him one of the most exciting projects ever undertaken in our 60-year history.

Meet Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries

SAEI has the capability for repair and overhaul a large portion of aircraft components including aircraft engines and APU’s. SAEI facilities are equipped with ATEC 6000 test computers and a standalone engine shop. We are expanding to our purpose-built MRO Village in Jeddah, where the 127,000 square meter Jet Propulsion Center has the largest test-cell for engine testing in the region.